everyday, beautiful



Life deserves to be savoured and enjoyed.

What we surround ourselves with adds to the experience.

Each piece of porcelain has been crafted with love, created to be used and cherished. 

Add beauty to your everyday. 



Sarah Backler. Me. Someone who has always found solace and enjoyment in making. The materials and methods may have become more sophisticated but the passion is consistent. With slight perfectionist tendencies the creativity was, and is, carefully considered. 

An Industrial Design degree called on these traits and was the introduction to a world of technology, machines and mass production. The satisfaction of a finished product remained while the joy of hands-on creation was lost. At this time a fascination with the hidden processes of machines was born as the beauty of their operations was noticed. 

The concept to merge the fascination with the love arose after the timely combination of a disastrous attempt on a pottery wheel, a suggestion to investigate slip-casting, spare time and an undisclosed cup fetish.



Through exploration and experimentation a unique process was found that infuses traditional slip-casting methods with digital technology. A way to combine a love of making with a precise inclination. 

Each piece is a labour of love from the first sketches to final firing. Initial forms are explored in pencil and mocked in paper before they are brought to life in porcelain. Machines are guided to create textures, details and a level of accuracy that would be impossible for hand production. Technology gives way to hands that gently manoeuvre and work fragile cast forms. 

Every object is subjected to the heat of the kiln three times. The first firing hardens each piece so it can be swirled, sprayed or dipped with glaze. The second and fiercest firing provides an opportunity for the thin walls to softly move in response to the heat whilst transforming into a strong, vitrified porcelain. The final firing gently binds a makers mark.



The crispness of a ruled line is elegantly combined with the softness of a hand drawn circle. Each form reflects its creation, a product of machine and hand, of precision and personality. Delicate textures wrap the clean forms, they respond to changes in contour and give depth to the encasing glaze. The lightweight porcelain walls are inherently strong and delicately translucent.



The process takes place in a generous garden shed which is located beneath sunny skies in Tauranga, New Zealand.