Indulge your senses and savour the small moments with my range of delicate porcelain vases, cups, bowls and pouring jugs.

These vessels aren’t mass produced – they’re individually created to complement their contents (whether a stunning bunch of roses, a medley of berries or dash of fresh cream to add to your morning brew) and encourage you to embrace the beauty in your daily rituals.

Handmade locally and ethically, these everyday treasures are grouped in collections which share similar forms, textures and intents.



For the trendsetters. For the minimalists. For the art lovers.

My bangles and necklaces are the perfect treat for yourself or someone special. This range is designed to celebrate personality and character, with clean cuts, compelling textures and soft colours that may seem simple at first glance, but are incredibly detailed upon close inspection. Visually striking on their own, or worn every day to add an understated pop of magic to your look, each piece is delicate (yet durable) and able to be dressed up or down with ease.

Less is more. More is more. ‘More’ is whatever you want it to be in that moment in time.



Spotlight small areas in the home (think kitchen islands, reading nooks or favourite pieces of furniture), complement a design-focused office or bring an entire bedroom to life with Sarah Backler lumens.

Created in the same machine-meets-hand manner as my other designs, the delicately thin walls of these porcelain lumens offer a beautiful, luminescent glow that oozes curiosity and elegance. Each lumen has its own unique layers of personality, and is designed to play off surrounding interior materials and textures